Catching Z’s Abroad

Ever had a night that you just can’t fall asleep? You lay in bed, tossing and turning, while your thoughts race and the clock moves agonizingly slow? Now imagine having 4+ of those in a row while on vacation. Continue reading


4 Tips for Fantastic Daytrips

If I had my druthers, I’d travel all the time. As it is, I’m apt to experience severe withdrawal if I don’t already have another trip in the works as soon as the wheels of my plane touch down in Boston. Nicole and I fantasize about selling our condos, quitting our jobs, and traveling the world. But let’s be realistic here: We’d miss our loved ones, I have five cats and a boyfriend waiting for me at home, and this is a horrible time to unload real estate. Continue reading

Discovering Historic New England

One of the best things about living in New England is its innumerable historic sites, including my current hometown, Salem. At a moment’s notice, you can jump in your car and be transported to a time when early American settlers were fresh off the boat. So when I woke up yesterday with nothing to do, I decided to use the day as an opportunity to explore two of the region’s most prominent historical towns – York, Maine and Newburyport, Massachusetts. Continue reading

Favorites Photos: Homeward Bound

Flying home

The view from my window, somewhere over Chicago.

After a business trip full of canceled flights and delayed departures, I’m finally making my way toward Boston.

People fly for many reasons: happy (and not-so-happy) occasions, exotic vacations, business travel, or – like me today – to get home! The photo is a bad quality one from my iPhone, but it’s a favorite because it means I’ll get to sleep in my bed tonight!

The Sunburn That Started It All

As I type this, I’m in a hotel in Minneapolis. THIS is my ideal trip – somewhere cold in the dead of winter. Even though I’m traveling for work, I’m enjoying this 30 hour in-and-out jaunt. I look forward to trips like this for a lot of reasons, but mostly because there is a slim to none chance that I’ll walk away sunburned. Continue reading

Favorite Photos: Snowstorm in the Alps

I snapped this photo at a rest stop en route from Jungholz to Innsbruck, Austria.

We’ve previously mentioned our experience being snowbound in Jungholz, Austria, thanks to a freak blizzard. (“The snow doesn’t usually start until next week,” our innkeeper marveled.) Despite being a lifelong New Englander, I was somehow born without the hardiness gene. And although Nicole loves winter, even she was stunned by the amount of snow that fell overnight during our late-October trip. Alone in our hotel for 36 hours (save for the innkeeper, who bore a startling resemblance to Dexter and who refused to offer us any food other than a $2 Mars Bar), we started to go a little stir-crazy. All German TV and no play makes Jess a dull girl.

So you can imagine our relief when we drove away the next morning, braving the barely plowed mountain roads on the way to Innsbruck. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the snow-covered trees made for scenery the likes of which I’d never witnessed. By noon, we had left our Alpine Hell behind and I had developed a new appreciation for snow—at least momentarily.