Literary Travels: Visiting Edith Wharton’s The Mount

Although I grew up not far from the Berkshires, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve done little in the way of sightseeing there. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t wait to move away, or because I didn’t own a car as a teenager, or because I simply view Lenox, Great Barrington, Stockbridge, and the rest of the surrounding towns as passing scenery on the drive to my mother’s house. In any case, I recently spent some time in nearby northwestern Connecticut, dog-sitting while my mom and stepdad were on vacation. What better opportunity to explore the area? Continue reading


Favorite Photos: Pools

This week it was my turn to post a favorite photo – bad timing since my hard drive containing ALL my photos imploded a few nights ago. :(  Unfortunately, I’ll have to use a photo that wasn’t my own, which I really dislike doing. Anyway…

Today’s #FriFotos theme is Pools. As I’ve mentioned before, the sun is not my friend. But I love to swim. Give me a lake, ocean, or pool and I am happy as a clam! Continue reading

Don’t Miss: Salzburg’s Sound of Music Tour

SalzkammergutWhen Jess and I finally decided to book a trip to Salzburg, I was ecstatic. Salzburg is synonymous with the Sound of Music world-wide – except in Austria. Go figure.

I grew up with the Sound of Music and couldn’t wait to do a tour. Jess agreed to go even though she had never seen the movie (WHOA, how are we friends?) and we booked a tour I hoped would meet my high SOM-fanatic expectations. Continue reading

24 Hours in Edinburgh

Edinburgh wasn’t originally at the top of my list for our UK road trip. Instead, I was most looking forward to exploring more rural locales, like the Isle of Skye. We stopped in Edinburgh mainly because it was on the way to other destinations, and because we’d been told it was a city worth seeing. Continue reading

Favorite Photos: Litter Bugs

As I write this post, I’m housesitting for my mother in my hometown, a tiny Connecticut village that actually lives up to the overused label of “quaint”. Inhaling the fresh spring air and listening to the faint rush of the waterfall down the street, it’s easy to forget that I currently live in a Boston neighborhood notorious for its gang-related shootings (and the Wahlberg brothers). I actually love Dorchester, but if there’s one thing I don’t miss today, it’s the trash. Whether it’s a family of plastic CVS bags blowing into my yard, or a used condom on the sidewalk, garbage is a like an unwanted neighbor in my  ’hood—and no matter how many times you kick it out, more moves right back in.

Continue reading