A Day in Witch City: Salem, MA

I’m a Boston girl by birth. I’ve spent the majority of my life living in and around the greater Boston area, so when I decided to settle down, it was no surprise that I chose Massachusetts. I’d never visited Salem before home hunting, but I was drawn to the energy of the North Shore’s largest city. Continue reading


No (Travel) Regrets: 3 Things We Skipped But Didn’t Miss

“You missed what? How could you not______?!”

It’s a refrain we’ve heard several times now upon returning from our latest adventure. Somehow, we’ve managed to visit several locales, only to pass up some of the most stereotypical attractions and pastimes.

When Nicole and I travel, we want to squeeze everything possible into our limited schedule. Inevitably, some plans fall by the wayside, whether the victims of time, logistics, or just plain exhaustion. We never regret the things we skip, and we’ve truly loved all of our trips. Still, we had a good laugh recently when we realized some of the “obvious” destination-specific omissions we’ve made over the years. Here are three biggies. Continue reading

Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, Las Vegas

One of the MAJOR perks of traveling for business is staying in beautiful hotels without spending a dime. This past week, Jess and I were fortunate to stay at the luxurious Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spawhile I attended a series of meetings. I became intimately acquainted with the grounds and if it weren’t for Jess booking us a last-minute hop-on hop-off tour of the strip (thanks Jess!), I would have only experienced the GVR. Continue reading

Low, Low, Low: Death Valley’s Badwater Basin

As my tour of Death Valley progressed, we drove deeper into the desert, watching the numbers on the car’s thermometer get higher and higher. By the time we hit Badwater Basin, it was a stifling 118°. I’m a New Englander, and, while we do tend to have a week-long heat wave every summer, temps rarely top 95°. “Is there really a noticeable difference between 100 and 118?” I’d asked Bob, our knowledgeable guide from Adventure Photo Tours earlier in the day. His answer: a resounding yes. And he was right—118° felt like being in a sauna, or, perhaps more accurate, an oven. Continue reading

Exploring Death Valley: The Ghost Town of Rhyolite

Yay! We’re in Las Vegas!

Actually, we’re in Henderson (about 15 minutes outside LV proper). Nic is here for work-related meetings, and I’m tagging along, doing some of my own work—and, of course, taking the opportunity to explore.

We haven’t made it onto the Strip yet. Instead, I spent about 11 hours yesterday on a tour of Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. For reasons that I can’t exactly pinpoint, Death Valley has always been on my travel bucket list, so visiting it was a dream come true. I’ll be posting much more about my experience (including enduring temps that hit 124°), but let’s start with Rhyolite, a ghost town located about 120 miles north of Vegas, on the eastern border of Death Valley. Continue reading

Favorite Photos: Believe It or Not

I almost decided to skip this week’s #FriFotos theme of “Holy Places”. While I’ve got plenty of pictures of those, I’m not religious in the least—in fact, I’d go so far as to label myself agnostic, leaning toward atheism.

So I was surprised when, perusing my photos, certain shots elicited a visceral reaction of, if not “God,” at least spirituality. For me, that feeling of universal energy (or whatever you want to call it) isn’t found in a church, or a temple, or a mosque, although I do think these can all be beautiful buildings. Instead, I feel the most spiritual during those little moments—the sun glinting off a shell on the beach, the fierce beauty of a fresh snowfall, even the solemn stillness of a cemetery. Here, a few of my favorite photos.

Continue reading

Leaving Town for Vegas

katemullenphotoJess and I have been on work overload the past few weeks – hence the lack of posts.  But never fear, we’ll have a ton of stuff coming up, especially since… we’re heading to Las Vegas!!!

Next week we’ll be blogging from Sin City and we promise that what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas!  On deck for us: A stay at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, a tour of Death Valley, cruising the Strip, lots of pics, and much more.  Stay tuned!

(header pic courtesy of http://katemullenphoto.com/).