Las Vegas Fail: Why We Hated The Fremont Street Experience

When Nicole and I told friends that we were headed to Las Vegas for a few days, the recommendations came pouring in. Tops on the list? The Fremont Street Experience. The FSE is essentially a covered outdoor mall that was created in the 1990s as a way to bring visitors back to Fremont Street (also known as “Glitter Gulch” due to its preponderance of neon signage), the original Las Vegas destination before the Strip took over the casino market. Everyone, it seems, loves this Las Vegas attraction—and they were sure we would love it, too. Some even suggested spending multiple evenings there.

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Best B&Bs – and Why We Love Them

We love staying in Bed & Breakfasts. There’s something comforting knowing your host is doing everything to make you feel at home (literally in their home).

Now, not every B&B feels like a comfortable home stay – one particularly bad B&B comes to mind – but we’ve been fortunate to stay in some exceptional B&Bs.  Here are a few of our favorites: Continue reading

Mishaps in Monaco (and Nice)

NiceI’ve had some great vacations where everything goes according to plan and the trip just feels effortless. My time in the South of France and Monaco? The opposite of effortless. In fact, if something could go wrong, it did. Continue reading

On the Road in Bavaria Day Three: Journey to the Ninth Circle of Hell

This is Part Three in a multi-post series about the first roadtrip Jess and I took together. We’ll be heading out for a Southwest roadtrip this fall, and will be chronicling our adventures from the road!

After enjoying yet another amazing German breakfast, Jess and I quickly stopped for a quick photo-op at the town wall of Rothenburg. Up next: Schloss Linderhof and then Jungholz!

We made our way towards Austria, our excitement growing with each passing mile. We were nearing Neuschwanstein, the inspiration for the Disney Castle – and this road trip – and were excited to see the Alps looming on the horizon, although they looked a bit smaller than we anticipated. I have a scary-good sense for detecting snow and about an hour from the Austrian border I gleefully shouted “snowflake,” while Jess nervously questioned where I was seeing the phantom flakes. Continue reading

No Jersey Shore: Sand Sculptures and Snooki at Revere Beach

Sand sculpture of Fenway ParkWhen I was growing up in northwestern Connecticut, my access to the ocean was limited. My mom didn’t drive on highways, making our lovely local pond the closest thing I got the beach. (This didn’t, however, stop me from developing a temporary but deep fear of sharks one summer after reading Jaws.) So when my sister and I would visit my father in Boston every August, I remained hopeful that we would have a chance hit the “real” beach.

No such luck. Not only did we spend most of our time at my grandparents’ idyllic lakeside cottage in New Hampshire, but the nearest beach to my dad’s place was—well, you just didn’t want to go there. Continue reading

On the Road in Bavaria Day Two: Where Chastity Belts Meet Christmas Trees

This is Part Two in a multi-post series about the first roadtrip Nicole and I took together. We can’t wait to share our upcoming adventures from our Southwest roadtrip this fall!

After a restful night’s sleep, we awoke to a gorgeous October morning in Rothenburg, Germany. Wait, scratch that: I awoke from a restful night’s sleep. Nicole’s insomnia had set in, a harbinger of what was to come for the rest of our trip. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our first German breakfast, a hearty selection of crusty rolls, local meats and cheeses, fresh berries, and yogurt. Love those German breakfasts! Continue reading