Don’t Miss: A Medieval Castle In Massachusetts

When you think medieval castle, Massachusetts is not a location that quickly pops to mind. Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium? Sure. Massachusetts? Not so much. But much to my surprise, Gloucester, MA has an interesting facsimile of a medieval castle – Hammond Castle. Continue reading


Classic New England: Vermont’s Covered Bridges

Vermont covered bridgeWhat’s this? Oh, yes. A blog post! Our apologies for being a little light on the posts lately—we’re both crazy busy with work, getting ready for our big Southwest road trip in just 12 days!

But as any travel lover knows, even the prospect of an upcoming trip doesn’t quell the urge for adventure NOW. So last weekend, Devin and I headed north. Autumn is in the air here in New England, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a classic day trip aimed at soaking up the fall foliage? In other words, leaf peeping! Continue reading

Viva Italia!

After each trip, there is the inevitable letdown Jess and I feel when our vacation is done. As regular readers know, we are heading on a SW roundtrip (in less than one month!). But this time when we come back, we have something to look forward to – ITALY! Continue reading

On the Road in Bavaria Day Eight: A Somber Day at Dachau

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial SiteThis is Part Eight in a multi-post series about the first roadtrip Nicole and I took together. We’ll be heading out for a Southwest roadtrip in less than a month, and will be chronicling our adventures from the road!

As our Bavarian roadtrip neared its end, we had a few boxes left to check. When we’d started planning this excursion, I had one “must-see” near Munich, but I hesitated to tell Nicole. Would she think I was weird? Then, during one planning dinner, she said, “It might sound weird, but there’s someplace I really want to see.” We both simultaneously blurted out “Dachau.”

To some, the idea of visiting a concentration camp on vacation might seem dark, depressing, grisly, or just plain tacky. For us, though, visiting Dachau wasn’t about witnessing the site of an atrocity, but about honoring its victims.

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Southern Rhode Island: Water, Woods, and… Wine-Tasting?

a rocky beach in rhode islandSunday was Devin’s birthday—and the weather was gorgeous—so we headed down to Rhode Island for a day trip. Other than the occasional trip to Providence and Newport, we don’t make it to “Little Rhody” much, despite the fact that Devin’s family is originally from Westerly. So when I came across a deal for a wine-tasting excursion in this southwestern Rhode Island town, we knew we had to go.

And boy, is there so much more to the littlest state than just those stately Newport Mansions!

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