We Slept in a Wigwam

wigwam motel #6Well, technically a tipi, as more than one friend has pointed out. More technically: the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona. So maybe it was more like concrete cone rather than an actual Native American dwelling. But our wigwam was still steeped in history.

Wigwam Village #6 in Holbrook is located along old Route 66. It’s just one of three motels remaining from the original chain of seven (the others are in California and Kentucky). Build in 1950, it’s now on the US Register of Historic Places.

When we first realized we’d be in the area, I immediately sent Nicole a link to the motel’s website: We have to stay here!

classic cars in front of the wigwam motel

Classic cars add to the retro feel.

We pulled up to the wigwams after a long day of traveling, first flying from Boston and then driving several hours from Albuquerque. To be honest, anything would have seemed restful as long as it had a pillow.

wigwam motel neon sign route 66

The motel’s sign is a throwback to classic Route 66.

So we were both pleasantly surprised by the motel. I’d seen pictures, but they couldn’t compare to the multicolored sunset that served as a stunning backdrop to the wigwams and classic cars positioned in front of them.

wigwam motel at sunset

The wigwams at sunset.

interior of wigwam motel

Cheesy? Sure. But the Wigwam Motel met all of our needs.

And our wigwam was actually quite decent. Sure, it’s gimmicky—and you wouldn’t want to spend more than a night or two. But the beds were comfortable, the water pressure was good, and the price (less than $40 each) was right. It was a perfect launching spot for the rest of our trip.


2 thoughts on “We Slept in a Wigwam

  1. Cool! I missed them when I was in the States bugger! I love the sunset shot and the bed spread. I wish I knew how to type that sounds the Indians make in the movies :) ullalalalalala!

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