Curves for Days: Arches National Park

Arches national parkBefore this trip, the only arches I had seen were limited to the Arc de Triomphe (and McDonald’s). Yet Nicole and I had gone back and forth about this stop in our travels. We knew that some of the most impressive formations at Arches National Park required a bit of a hike, yet we really wanted to see this natural wonder.

In the end, we decided to spend a day here—and we knew it was the right decision from the moment we saw the first major rock formations, known as “Fifth Avenue”. The huge red rocks towered above us, dwarfing everything else.

"Fifth Avenue" towers above the desert.

“Fifth Avenue” towers above the desert.

From there, we continued driving along the scenic road, which took us past many of the park’s arches and hoodoos.

Although it’s true that you have to hike to some of the formations, including Delicate Arch and the Fiery Furnace, we were still able to get a great peek at them from the easily accessible viewpoints. (We might have done some hiking had we had more time—and had the temperatures not been the highest of our whole trip.)

delicate arch

The viewpoint (and my zoom lens) allowed us to get a closer look at Delicate Arch.

Arches Fiery Furnace

A view of the Fiery Furnace from afar.

And if the park was amazing during the day, nightfall brought a completely different view. After a dinner of enchiladas (me) and roast chicken (Nicole) at the Moab Brewery, we headed back to Arches for a white-knuckle drive in the pitch dark up the winding mountain road.

tree at arches national park

Loved these gnarled “Halloween” trees!

It may have been scary, but the result was worth it: Stargazing at Arches is some of the best in the country, and the constellations and Milky Way were clearly visible. It was the perfect ending to our day in Moab, Utah.

window arch

balancing rock at arches


6 thoughts on “Curves for Days: Arches National Park

  1. with Arches within 2 hours of home I still never forget what a special place it is. I’m glad that you went back in after dark – the stars are amazing out here and it’s yet another thing I never take for granted on those nights that I find myself lucky enough to be camping or otherwise have put myself in a sadly too rare moment Out There to admire the universe. You should grab Desert Solitaire while the sand is still in your treads.

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