Glass as Art: Visiting the Island of Murano

sidewalk in murano italyThis week’s #FriFotos theme is “glass”—and what better way to celebrate that than with a photo essay from Murano, Italy? We visited this island in the Venetian lagoon, world-renowned for its glass-making studios, on a chilly day in January. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying a long walk and plenty of window shopping (and some actual shopping, too).

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10 Days in the American Southwest: A Photo Essay

road in southwest usWe’re back! After an unbelievable 10-day jaunt through the Southwestern United States, we’re full of stories to share. But first, here’s an overview of our travels, with one photo from each day of the road trip. Continue reading

Favorite Photos: Up In the Clouds

Alps cloudsOnce I saw this week’s #FriFotos theme was clouds, I eagerly volunteered to take it on. I’ve been fascinated with clouds – and the sky, stars, moon, etc – since I was a child. There is something very appealing about clouds. They can be wispy, fluffy, lighter than air. Or dark, threatening, and ominous. Here are a few of my favorite cloud pics. Continue reading

Favorite Photos: Up Close and Personal

tropical fish at the New England AquariumHow excited am I that today’s #FriFotos theme on Twitter is “close ups?” Maybe it goes back to childhood, when I used to love guessing the back page quizzes in 3-2-1 Contact magazine, which featured a series a of super-close-up images. (Okay, now I’m really dating myself.)

As an adult, I enjoy taking photos with my zoom and macro lenses, so it wasn’t difficult to find pictures to share! Here are a few favorites from my travels.

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Favorite Photos: Foodie Paradise

chocolate dessert in AustriaIf there’s one thing I love as much as travel, it’s food. (Okay, and cocktails. And wine.) So with today’s #FriFotos theme of “treats”, my mind went to one thing and one thing only: all the delicious meals I’ve enjoyed during my trips! From a solo sushi dinner in Las Vegas, to apple strudel in Austria, to a crisp, cold beer at 9 a.m. on the island of Roatan, food and drink make for some wonderful travel memories. Continue reading