Venice in Winter: Misty, Magical—and Manageable

venicegondolasMost people I know who have been to Venice, Italy, are ambivalent about it. Sure, it’s nice, they say. It stinks, though. Or: Ugh, it’s so crowded. And smelly. Or: It’s super-expensive. Oh, and it smells like low tide.

What can I say? It may all be true in July and August—but nothing could have been further from our experience. That’s because Nicole and I visited Venice in winter (mid-January to be exact). And this special city has become one of my new favorite places on earth. I liken it to a wrinkled old woman wearing rouge and lipstick: aging, a little decrepit, but still unabashedly glamorous.

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What to Do in St. Lucia: 3 Ways to Explore This Romantic Island

Pitons in St. LuciaWhat do you want in a tropical island? Sun, sand, surf, and pristine turquoise water? A dense rainforest filled with exotic creatures? The freshest seafood and strongest piña coladas? For me, the answer is “all of the above!” And I found my tropical paradise when Devin and I took a five-day trip to the island of St. Lucia several years ago.

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Best B&Bs – and Why We Love Them

We love staying in Bed & Breakfasts. There’s something comforting knowing your host is doing everything to make you feel at home (literally in their home).

Now, not every B&B feels like a comfortable home stay – one particularly bad B&B comes to mind – but we’ve been fortunate to stay in some exceptional B&Bs.  Here are a few of our favorites: Continue reading

July 4th in Boston: Our Guide to the Fireworks, the Pops, and More

I love living in Boston, especially because of the history. This is not a new city, at least by America standards. And there’s no better time to soak up much of that history—or to take part in one of Beantown’s biggest traditions—than on and around the Fourth of July. You’ve got a fantastic fireworks display. You’ve got a top-notch concert by the Boston Pops. (What Independence Day in this city would be complete without the 1812 Overture?)

And you’ve got hoards of tourists and locals alike, all competing for the absolute best spot to take it all in.

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Guest Post: Why We’re Lousy at Packing Light

After Nicole’s post yesterday about her shoe obsession, it’s clear that maybe we’re not always the best judges of what to pack and what to leave at home. Enter this perfectly timed guest post, courtesy of our friend Terri. A writer, speaker, and coach, Terri has some great insight into the pre-trip packing process. We’re looking forward to some more guest posts about her upcoming adventures in the Middle East!

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Don’t Miss: Panama Canal

I confess: I’m not big on…mechanical… stuff. Sure, I can appreciate a feat of engineering as much as the next person, but I’d much rather explore natural wonders or historic sites than investigate the inner workings of manmade structures. That said, when you find yourself in Panama, you go to the Panama Canal.

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