Glass as Art: Visiting the Island of Murano

sidewalk in murano italyThis week’s #FriFotos theme is “glass”—and what better way to celebrate that than with a photo essay from Murano, Italy? We visited this island in the Venetian lagoon, world-renowned for its glass-making studios, on a chilly day in January. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying a long walk and plenty of window shopping (and some actual shopping, too).

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Venice in Winter: Misty, Magical—and Manageable

venicegondolasMost people I know who have been to Venice, Italy, are ambivalent about it. Sure, it’s nice, they say. It stinks, though. Or: Ugh, it’s so crowded. And smelly. Or: It’s super-expensive. Oh, and it smells like low tide.

What can I say? It may all be true in July and August—but nothing could have been further from our experience. That’s because Nicole and I visited Venice in winter (mid-January to be exact). And this special city has become one of my new favorite places on earth. I liken it to a wrinkled old woman wearing rouge and lipstick: aging, a little decrepit, but still unabashedly glamorous.

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Viva Italia!

After each trip, there is the inevitable letdown Jess and I feel when our vacation is done. As regular readers know, we are heading on a SW roundtrip (in less than one month!). But this time when we come back, we have something to look forward to – ITALY! Continue reading

Seeing Sounds: A Musical Journey

For some, looking at vacation pics instantly take them back to the moment they took the shot – strolling along the Left Bank, hiking Macchu Picchu, or taking in the majestic sights of the Grand Canyon. For me, music is the vehicle. I can hear a song, and instantly be transported somewhere special. Lately I’ve been reflecting on the link between music and travel, and how certain songs can take me someplace exciting. Continue reading