Venice in Winter: Misty, Magical—and Manageable

venicegondolasMost people I know who have been to Venice, Italy, are ambivalent about it. Sure, it’s nice, they say. It stinks, though. Or: Ugh, it’s so crowded. And smelly. Or: It’s super-expensive. Oh, and it smells like low tide.

What can I say? It may all be true in July and August—but nothing could have been further from our experience. That’s because Nicole and I visited Venice in winter (mid-January to be exact). And this special city has become one of my new favorite places on earth. I liken it to a wrinkled old woman wearing rouge and lipstick: aging, a little decrepit, but still unabashedly glamorous.

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July 4th in Boston: Our Guide to the Fireworks, the Pops, and More

I love living in Boston, especially because of the history. This is not a new city, at least by America standards. And there’s no better time to soak up much of that history—or to take part in one of Beantown’s biggest traditions—than on and around the Fourth of July. You’ve got a fantastic fireworks display. You’ve got a top-notch concert by the Boston Pops. (What Independence Day in this city would be complete without the 1812 Overture?)

And you’ve got hoards of tourists and locals alike, all competing for the absolute best spot to take it all in.

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24 Hours in Edinburgh

Edinburgh wasn’t originally at the top of my list for our UK road trip. Instead, I was most looking forward to exploring more rural locales, like the Isle of Skye. We stopped in Edinburgh mainly because it was on the way to other destinations, and because we’d been told it was a city worth seeing. Continue reading

Have Baggage… on the Travel Channel!

We’re thrilled to announce the publication our very first paid travel article, which I’ve written for the Travel Channel’s website! If you’re planning on visiting Boston, don’t worry about the city’s confusing layout and aggressive drivers (*raises hand sheepishly*)—use my handy tips for getting around Beantown, car-free.

24 Hours in Munich: Beyond Octoberfest

By the time Nicole and I rolled into Munich, Germany, we were exhausted. It was the end of our trip and neither of us was particularly excited about the city (which we’d chosen mainly as a place from which to fly home). We’re not big beer drinkers, and we’d grown weary of correcting every well-meaning friend who’d asked us if we were going to Octoberfest, which had actually ended several weeks before our arrival. Continue reading

Bon Voyage: Making the Most of Your Cruise

It feels a little like… cheating… to enjoy cruising. In the travel blogger community in particular, it seems like anything that doesn’t involve carting around all of your belongings in a backpack is often considered “inauthentic”. That’s great, but it isn’t always realistic for those with time constraints.

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6 Useful Phrases in 6 Languages

I really love languages. For a time, I thought I might become a college language professor, but that was not to be (the draw of advertising and digital strategy were too strong to resist). I still have moderate skill in picking up languages, and it has come in handy most when traveling abroad. One of our top travel tips is to make an effort in the host language. So without further ado, 6 useful phrases in 6 world languages: Continue reading