About Us

We’re two friends with a passion for travel and a whole boatload of issues.  A few years ago we decided to start traveling together, because let’s be real: what’s more fun than two highly neurotic grown women vacationing far from the comfort of home?  We travel realistically – when time off from work and budget allows – and have a blast doing it all together!  For more about us and the genesis of our blog, read our very first post, And So It Begins, and check out our mini-bios below.


Age: A few years short of 40 (gulp)
First country visited: France, as part of a high school trip
Favorite places: Boston, Paris, Isle of Skye, Innsbruck, South Florida, St. Lucia
Dying to visit: Turkey, Morocco, Italy, Thailand
Phobias and neuroses: Skilled at complaining of various aches and pains; allergic to mosquitoes; tend to faint in random public places; mildly terrified of windmills and Mr. Peanut.
When I’m not traveling, I: Am a ghostwriter to the stars. Like to snuggle with my long-time boyfriend and our five (yes, five) cats. Enjoy swigging cosmopolitans and sauvignon blanc while dancing poorly. Watch enough bad reality TV that I can name every Real Housewife and her family members.



Age: A few years past 30
First country visited: Mexico, while visiting a friend’s family
Favorite places: Boston, Reykjavík, Kinsale, Rothenberg, London, Innsbruck
Dying to visit: Russia, China, Romania, Sweden
Phobias and neuroses: Addicted to WebMD; consider heat and humidity my mortal enemies; have a serious aversion to condiments; subscribe to the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness.”
When I’m not traveling, I: Make a living as a digital marketing expert. Delight in my pet-free existence. Like nothing better than watching the NFL on Sundays. Enjoy BBC period dramas (Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre – to name a few) and am on the hunt for my very own Mr. Darcy.


30 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kinsale is so beautiful, isn’t it? I’d love to live there one day. And I command you to go to Sweden as soon as possible!


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! And the duo team combo is a clever idea!

    @JESS – if you want some inspiration on Morocco & Italy, I have been to 10 cities in Morocco and 20 in Italy – so please visit my blog for ideas

    http://www.zoeticepics.com – Morocco is already posted, Italy to come after my CURRENT posts of 40+ cities in Switzerland! I’m SO following you girls! :D

  3. I’m so excited to have found your blog! I turned 30 not too long ago, and while I’ve done a fair share of traveling, I’m itching to see more… I think I may be living vicariously through your posts for a while! Can’t wait to explore some more of your blog!

  4. Hi there,
    I just started a new page “same sky” it would be really awesome if you could add a photo of your to my collection because your pictures are very nice!
    Help me spread the words out if possible it will be greatly appreciated!
    thank you!! =)

  5. What fun to discover you two through Freshly Pressed, congratulations! I love your quirky, honest byline. I’ve been traveling all my life and delude myself into thinking that I’m a chill nomadic hippie, but in truth I have a hefty parcel of neuroses myself. (:

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